Felicia Leatherwood


Felicia Leatherwood

Natural Hair Celebrity Stylist

Expert Biography

Felicia Leatherwood, was just nine years old when she realized she had a flare for styling hair. Instead of toys, she spent her childhood days perfecting the neighborhood kids "dos." That natural passion at such a young age, started what would be the beginning of a very successful career.

Dubbed the “Hair Whisperer” by her celebrity clientele, this native Californian quickly cultivated her styling talents, into a degree in Cosmetology. Honing her craft, skills and technical expertise, at the renowned L.A. Salon, Millennium. As her reputation as a "natural" hair stylist grew, her specialty became transitioning hair (and healthier hair growth), soon celebrities became eager to meet her.

Now her clients include Jill Scott, Kim Coles, Will Smith, Terrence Howard, Anthony Anderson and Hill Harper. With her work gracing the pages of Essence, People and InStyle; as well as many popular movies and television shows. Her online presence has grown to a global scale, as she continues to conduct her workshops internationally; offering "real-life" guidance for Black women all over the world.