Dr. Meena Singh


Dr. Meena Singh

Skin Specialist - Board-certified Dermatologist

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Harvard Medical School educated Dr. Singh, also trained in dermatology at the Mayo Clinic.

The daughter of an African American mother and Indian father, Meena affectionately refers to this exotic mix as "Blindian." Now a proud mother of three, she initially became a surgeon because she wanted to help people from her own community. Dermatology enabled her to have a dedicated interest in black skin and hair, in an industry in dire need of more black women physicians. Her specialities include ethnic skin and hair care; focusing on hair restoration, loss and scarring, recently performing clinical trials in laser hair stimulation. While also conducting investigative studies on skin cancer, in transplant recipients and tissue engineering. Meena is a regular reviewer for both the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology and the Dermatologic Surgery Journal. Contributing to online periodicals and medical journals, most recently she was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Singh's love of "hot pink" and "colorful style," has also been featured on the cover of the New York Times; she's currently in private practice in NY.


"I'm obsessed with dance, I try to dance as much as possible."

Personal Style:

"Funky 'Profesh,' I have wild, crazy natural hair and a nose ring, but I present myself in a professional way. My patients feel comfortable approaching me and entrusting me with their care."

Mama Taught Me

"That a mother can be the single greatest influence in your life. My mom was the 1st black woman to graduate from UMKC Med school."

Life Lessons

"Ten years ago I relaxed my hair, I put it in braids to grow it out naturally. After taking the braids out, my hair was so tangled, I had to cut it all off!!

It took four years to grow back, but I've never been happier with my hair!"