Eric J. Allen


Eric J. Allen

Make-Up Artist Extraordinaire

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Expert Bio

As a twenty-year veteran of make-up artistry, Eric J. Allen has seen the progression of the African American beauty industry, from the inside out. From New York Fashion week, to the runways of Paris (and Milan), his career has witnessed all the notable changes in Black beauty. Through different trends, he's remained a highly sought after artist. Always an integral part of fashion, print, and product development. He's toured with singers, including Kimberly Locke, consistently being requested for numerous music videos and creative works. On projects like "Down the Rabbit Hole," a year collaboration with photographer Justin Monroe.

His understanding of color and form, stems from his training as a fashion design major. Which has continued to help him in the creation of make-up collections, for Procter and Gamble's Professional Lines. Fueled by his ultimate inspiration, to create beautiful faces for women of color; perfectly balanced, blended, and stylized.


"My friends call me Miss Pearl, I like to tend to my garden and bake pies. There's nothing better than a hot cup of tea, watching classic films from the 30's. I hate to shop, but don't tell that to my shoe collection."

Personal Style

"I'm a preppy at heart, with a dash of rebellion thrown in, classic lines with pops of color. Look for quality that lasts, rather than trends; I apply this philosophy to all my purchases."

Mama Taught Me

"The only person that can make me happy is myself. "

Life Lessons

"Go with the flow. It takes a long time to be comfortable in one's own skin, but once self acceptance is made, the world is bright and endless."