Amandeep Kalsi


Amandeep Kalsi

Registered Dietician & Nutritionist

Expert Biography

Amandeep Kalsi is an expert in nutrition, with over five years experience in the public health industry.

A certified health education specialist (CHES) and registered dietitian(RD), with a Master’s in Public Health, Amandeep is also fluent in three languages (Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish). Her passion to help improve our community's health, can be seen through her commitment to implement effective programs at one of the nation's leading anti-obesity efforts, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. This organization continually provides resources and support for creating healthy school environments. She also prides herself in her ability to communicate ideas, techniques and behavioral change effectively, through the theory and principles she has used to teach as an adjunct professor at Crafton Hills College.


"Shopping, working out (being physically active in any way!), and most importantly spending time with my precious niece and nephew."

Personal Style

"For me it's being your TRUE SELF. Reflecting my most inner thoughts and feelings, on every level, from head to toe."

Mama Taught Me

Wise words to live by 1) God gave you natural beauty... so, take care of it, nurture it, keep it timeless, and 2) Eat to your heart's desire, but be sure it's food that's quality and in moderation, plus exercise, and you are fine!

Life Lessons

"Growth and learning are a never ending phenomenon. Style, beauty, health and wellness; these are all my passion, and my existence. I have learned they are all inter-related. It goes so much deeper then weight and physical existence; it has everything to do with your mental, spiritual, social, and emotional sense of being."